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Website Design Service

Are you looking for a custom designed website for your business at a reasonable rate?  We will design your website, develop your website and then host your website all for only $100 per month.  No need for a big up-front, financial commitment!  Our websites are professionally designed and will properly represent your business. Our websites are responsive, designed to work with all modern browsers and screens. This means that no matter what device your customer is viewing your website on it will still look great.  They are also designed to impress upon your customer the professional nature of your business with fully polished design and rich imagery coupled with engaging text. Don’t let something as important as your website be done by anyone less then the caliber of our professional web designers and developers here at PrintHub Media.

Our Process

Once your initial payment is made, we will design you a professional website that meets your approval.  Once you approve the design we will host the website, your domain and your email.  We will consistently maintain and update the software of the website in order to keep it up-to-date with current browsers.
Full Details

Payment Once you contact us to order your website and provide your credit card information we will charge you for your first payment. You will subsequently be charged every month on the same day. You may cancel at any time but we prefer a 30 day notice.

Website Development Once we receive your payment we will contact you to get all of your images, text or graphics that you want used on the website. Anything you don’t have we will create for you in order to make it as easy on you as possible. We will then develop the website with your submitted material (and/or the stuff we created for you) and submit to you for feedback/approval. Website development can take up 1-3 months depending on your feedback.

Website Updating Once the website is approved by you and is published live you, the business owner, can post any news, specials, articles, etc. to the website that you want. We will provide you with login information and tutorials showing you how to post to the website yourself with ease. We will constantly monitor the website for any problems and update the software that the website uses.

Website Redesign If you continuously pay for your website without any lapses you will be eligible for a free website redesign one year from the publishing date of your website. If you have any lapses in your payment then you will be available to get a free website redesign one year after the date that you restart your website payment if you have no further lapses.

Website Details Your website consist of all the pages that we design as well as contact forms, social media share links, social media follow links, and email marketing sign-up (may not work with every service). You also get domain hosting, website hosting and email hosting. The website and email may be subject to size limitations of saved files. This means if you have a lot of large files uploaded to your website or saved in your email we may ask you to remove them if it becomes too taxing on our servers.

Further Details As long as you make your payments your website will be up and running. If you decide to cancel with us you may do so at any time. We will work with you on moving anything over to another provider but can not move the website for you. Keep in mind that any created images, graphics or text by us belongs to us unless it is graphics or images that contain your proprietary assets. Also, all software used on the website, including any extensions, are the property of us as well. By signing up with our service you are agreeing to all of the above statements.

Contact Us

Would you like more information?  Would you like to go ahead a place an order?  We make things simple, just use the form below to let us know what you are interested in and we will be in touch immediately!

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