Digital Marketing Service

Website, Email and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Service

Would you like to start making money from your website or social media pages?  Would you like to have an email campaign that actually influences your customers to buy your products or services?  In order for you to have a digital presence that actually works for your business you need effective marketing that is tailored to your business. Here at PrintHub Media we offer a digital marketing service where we will develop a marketing campaign that is customized to your business and we carry it out on your website, social media pages or your email contacts.  We will develop a series of articles and advertisements that all have a unifying theme.  We will then post these articles and advertisements on your website, social media pages and/or send them out as emails.  While we are doing the campaign we will also engage with your targeted audience to build the website visitors, social media followers and/or email contacts. We will do all of this for a low monthly price with no commitment.  You will not find marketing services of this quality and effectiveness anywhere else, especially not at these low prices!

Included In Every Package

Every package comes with with developing of marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business.  These marketing campaigns include custom design advertisements and articles that will be posted on your website throughout the month*.  *In order for us to publish articles and advertisements on your site your site must be a WordPress website.  If your site is not a WordPress website then you will need to purchase website design services from us.  

Facebook Marketing

Leverage the power of Facebook with our Facebook Marketing Service.  We will increase your the number of people that like your page as well as increase the amount of people that are actually seeing your posts by engaging with your fans in a professional yet friendly manner.  We will share your articles and ads on your Facebook page in a way that will influence your fans to visit your website and purchase your products or services. $400 per month with no contract.

Twitter Marketing

Let us build your brand by building your a strong presence on the Twitter social media platform.  We will increase your followers by interacting with people that are in your target audience.  We will deliver your marketing campaign message to these new followers in such a way to entice them to visit your site and learn more about your business. $400 per month with no contract.

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus is not the social media powerhouse like Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest or LinkedIn but for those who utilize it correctly it is a tremendous boost to your search engine rankings!  We will interact with the key players who are using this service in order to build your profile as well as fully use its other features like photos, communities and collections.  We will post your ads and articles to get you maximum search engine visibility. $400 per month with no contract.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an up and coming social media channel that is built around offering products and services to a hungry audience.  It works very differently from the other social media channels.  We have the knowledge to be able to fully utilize this channel to build your followers and increase traffic to your site through pinning which will translate to sales. $400 per month with no contract.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a strong business social media channel that is built to help you network with other business professionals.  The people on this social media channel tend to be more affluent and serious.  We can give your business the professional identity it needs to survive on this channel and greatly increase your customer base here. $400 per month with no contract.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a big hit with the younger demographic and it is all about striking visuals and creative text.  Effectively using this channel will build your brand with the future generations and it is vital to stay relevant in today’s society.  We will build your followers on here with engagement and creative content that will lead new customers to your site. $400 per month with no contract.

Add Email Marketing For Only $200 Extra Per Month!

Get right to your customers by allowing them to subscribe to your news and updates from your website!  We will build email subscription sign-up forms on your website* and will run additional advertisements that will prompt people to sign up.   *You must have a WordPress website for us to be able to integrate email signup forms. If your site is not a WordPress website then you will need to purchase website design services from us.

Do More & Save A Lot!

You can save cash by purchasing one of our grouped packages: Standard Package:  Includes Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Marketing for only $600 per month! Enhanced Package: Includes all in Standard Package plus Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram for only $900 per month!

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